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Hair Magazine is a magazine targeting the hairdressing industry in the Nordic region. We are addressing masters, assistants and students in the industry and we are not dependent on external interests. Hair Magazine is distributed for free to all registered hairdressers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Our magazines also go to academies, hairdressing schools etc. in the Nordic region. Hair Magazine as a printed matter, represents a magazine with high quality content, a magazine you want to save and read over and over again. This strengthens the effect of the advertisement. This is documented through independent research. Hair Magazine is all about giving helpful tips and tricks and keeping up with the current trends, but is also about inspiring and contributing to the daily work that hairdressers do. Besides this, the magazine contains interviews, portraits, themes and news from the international and fascinating world of hairdressing and beauty.

annual agreement for ads

With an annual agreement in our magazines you are guaranteed a 20 % price reduction on the ads. You will get an ad of your choice in every copy of our magazine throughout the year. Besides this, you will be able to send in product news and hairstyle images as inspiration for the hairdressers. If you have an upcoming event, we cover this as well. This is just a small taste of what you get if you choose a cooperation with Freeminds Media.

individual ads

If an annual agreement is not what you are looking for, we can offer a very diverse range of other products too. This goes for advertisement in our Hair Magazine but also online marketing.

The Magazines

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Product news

You will be allowed to send in product news and get them promoted in the magazine. We need a description and a picture of the newly launched product.


In cooperation with you, we cover an event or  a show in our magazine with text and pictures. Depending on the event/show, we send a professional journalist and photographer. This will also be published on our websites.

Company article

With a company article you will get a more explicit and detailed review in our magazine. It could be a personal interview with the founder/owner of your company or an in-depth description of what your company offers. This is also published on our websites.

Hair Collections

With hair collections you get the opportunity to show new hair trends created by your company. Please send in all the collections you have – we will select these  individually for our magazines. (They could also be published on our websites.)

Short cuts

Short cuts are like shorter articles. This could be a teaser for a show, an invitation for a competition, a news update about something that has happened in your company, etc..

extra benefits

Buying the annual agreement, you will automatically get the benefit of a 20% discount on extra ads in Hair Magazine.

do you want to advertise in hair magazine?

An annual agreement with us is the best way to promote your company and products. This is our best selling  offer. With an annual agreement, you will get advertisement in every magazine we publish in the countries of your choice. We reach more than 40.000 registered hairdressers 5-6 times a year in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. There is no subscription fee for the hairdresser – we send the magazine for free to make sure all hairdressers get it. With an annual agreement you will get a lot of extra benefits, which is our way of showing our gratitude. See below for further details. On top of this, you will be rewarded with much better prices for additional ads and online activities.

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The difference between an ad and an advertorial is that you have the possibility to explain all the benefits of a product in detail. You decide the content. You choose how many pictures and how much text is needed. Some describe an advertorial as a ”paid article”. By law, we are imposed to add the word ”advertorial”. The advertorial is the same size as our double page ad. In the same way as an advertisement you send us pictures and text. We have graphic designers who fix the layout and we have journalists who can help correct the text, if you want a second opinion. This is included in the price. Your advertorial will also be shown online on our Hair Magazine website. We reach out to more than 40.000 hairdressers in the Nordic region, 6 times a year. Only Freeminds Media A/S can offer you this unique and powerful market penetration.