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About Freeminds Media

The Nordic agency for the hair and beauty industry


Founded in 2002 Freeminds Media is today stronger than ever and always ready to expand our services and presence. We are open for any product development and we embrace technology but also acknowledge the power of the printed world when online and print go hand in hand. Our employees represent experts from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland within the media world. Together we form a strong alliance both on print and online. We have dedicated people dealing with editorial, design, consulting, SoMe, online and much more. Combined we have several years of beauty and fashion experience. Our strong Nordic network within the hair and beauty industry is fully recognized. On top of this we have a strong Board of Directors, experienced management and not least a handpicked Advisory Board – experts for each discipline.


Freeminds Media should be the most attractive media partner and place for our customers, readers and employees.
We are aiming to reach out on all platforms available and become indispensable for our audience. We should be their best friend.



We are the glue that connects our customers to our readers in the Nordic region.
No one offers a more comprehensive service. We do that online, offline and live!



We are curious, ambitious, dedicated, creative and not least super social!
We understand that the world is changing – and so are we. We are never nervous to take chances.

Freeminds media team

Lars Lund-Nielsen

Adm. Dir. / CEO
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31
M: (+45) 40 80 80 40

Dorte Hallager

M: (+45) 40 25 91 39
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Inge Lund-Nielsen

Nordic Key Account Manager
M: (+45) 40 80 80 18

Patricia Egardsson

Nordic Marketing Executive
D: +46 (0)8 52 50 70 43

Camilla Svensson

Chief Editor
D: +46 (0)8 52 50 70 43

Alexandra Malmborg

Event & Production Manager
D: +46 (0)8 52 50 70 43
T: (+45) 88 80 72 83

Bastian Noreen Larsen

Commercial Online Manager
D: (+45) 88 80 72 71
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Nanna Wieland

Graphic Designer
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Lea Petrine

Graphic Designer
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Sascha Tejlmann

Senior Project Coordinator
D: (+45) 88 80 72 80

Dina Kirsten Boysen

Project & Event Coordinator
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Sofia Johansson

Project & Event Coordinator
T +45 88 80 72 80

Kristine Larsen

Project Coordinator
T:+47 21 98 40 30

Suvi Pölönen

Project Coordinator
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Donnah Alberg

Team Assistant
T: (+45) 31 31 35 31

Freeminds media board

Mr. Jens Wittrup-Willumsen, Chairman of the Board

Professional non-executive board member and venture investor

Read more here;

Ms. Christina Blaagaard, non-executive Board member

CEO Mediehuset Ingeniøren

Read more here;

Mr. Torben Falholt, non-executive Board member

CEO Asseco Denmark A/S

Read more here;


Freeminds Media have a talented, experienced and dedicated team that works hard to provide the best and most relevant content for the hair and beauty industry. If you are talented and dedicated, it does not matter if your experience is within digital, print or graphic designs. Please do not hesitate to send us your resume if you wish to join our team.