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Welcome to Freeminds Media

The Nordic agency for the hair and beauty industry

 WHO ARE freeminds media?

Since 2002 we have been involved in the Nordic hair and beauty industry. Our name and reputation is fully respected and recognized. Our service world class. With more than 1.0 million published magazines in the Nordic region – unparalleled track record. No one reaches out with same force and acceptance within your vertical.


Supporting online activities, we publish and distribute quality magazines four times a year towards specific verticals – for free! The magazines are extremely popular and read repeatedly. We have our own editors, graphic designers, programmers and photographers.

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social media

Freeminds Media has a strong presence on social media. We create local content and we have separate accounts for the individual countries on all platforms. We also cover international events that are relevant for the users. We currently have eight Facebook pages, four Instagram accounts, four Pinterest accounts and one YouTube channel.

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We operate websites in all the Nordic countries both for BtB and BtC within various verticals in the beauty and fashion industry. All our platforms are  suited for targeted marketing towards your specific audience.

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job portals

We operate some of the biggest Nordic niche job portals in local languages. If looking for a job within the beauty and fashion industry or searching for the next employee you are certain to find the right match at our various portals.

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Freeminds Media also host events in the Nordic hair and beauty industry. It is our ambition to support and strengthen the professional business and we believe that events are an important way to do so. The first of our events, Nordic Hair Awards, is a combination of an award show, a trade fair and a big celebration party. We hope that we can host many more events in the future.

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